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Tourism is a major industry in Western Australia and presents significant opportunity. In the year ended March 2017 approximatley $10.1 billion was injected into the WA economy through tourism.

With Asia a short flight away, there has been an increase in both interstate domestic visitors to WA as well as an increase in international visitors.

Investment opportunities include:

  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Short-stay serviced accomodation.

WA’s capital city Perth is seeing billion dollar infrastructure projects in development, and at Perdaman Capital, we can provide expert knowledge and advice so you can enter a strong and valuable market with confidence.

Perdaman Capital offers opportunities for investing in WA’s tourism sector. Perth’s hotel market is positioned to expand very quickly over the next five years, and we are proactively seeking future investment opportunities to develop further into the tourism industry.

We can work with you:

  • On a joint venture
  • Under a management agreement
  • For an outright sale

Perdaman Capital will keep your interests at the centre of our partnership, ensuring you and your investment is supported with our knowledge and expertise in the WA tourism sector. We prides ourselves on the quality of our long-term relationships, and that means as an investor, you’re given the very best investment opportunities.

You can be rest assured your investment in WA’s tourism industry is in expert hands.

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Asset Backed

Perdaman Managed

The following table highlights the total tourism demand for the year ended March 2017.

International Visitors % Change $ m % Change
Total 953,800 9.10% $2,439 7.90%
UK 151,200 2.40% $287 -9.80%
China 52,600 12.60% $271 13.00%
Singapore 104,500 17.30% $253 26.90%
Malaysia 111,700 33.50% $220 13.00%
USA 80,300 24.00% $149 6.60%
New Zealand 73,000 -11.50% $115 -10.20%
Hong Kong 21,600 8.40% $92 33.80%
Germany 37,400 10.20% $81 -1.30%
India 24,900 21.00% $81 94.40%
Indonesia 29,300 12.60% $68 24.10%
Japan 26,100 5.30% $64 4.80%
Switzerland 11,600 -9.70% $31 7.20%

*Source: 2017