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Perdaman Capital offers expert services in the sourcing of infrastructure and mining tenements for your investment. Our team has mining sector experience and is knowledgeable on local producing tenements as well as hot idle tenements ready for investment. Gold, nickel, diamonds, iron ore – whatever your requirements are.

With Perdaman Capital’s experienced project managers, we can manage your entire project from start to finish, or any part of it as you require.

We can work with you:

  • On a joint venture.
  • Under a management agreement.
  • For an outright sale.



Chinese Investment in Mount Magnet Mine

Perdaman Capital recently partnered with a Chinese investor who purchased a gold mine in Mount Magnet, one of Western Australia’s original gold mining towns located in the Mid-West of the state. Prior to their engagement with Perdaman Capital, the investor was overwhelmed and confused by Australian trade and as funds dwindled, the mine was unable to grow into its full potential.

Since the investor’s partnership with Perdaman Capital, we have been able to share our knowledge and expertise in the Australian mining industry with them. We structured a project management plan that saw the mine carry out a drilling plan and geotechnical reporting, and as a result, the investor now has a base to raise funds to start full mining of his tenement.

Within our management plan, we had the ability to:

  • Create tender documents to ensure the best value for money on all contractors.
  • Advertise and interview all employees needed to ensure only the best people for the project were employed.
  • Mobilise all necessary equipment onsite.
  • Establish a maintenance program for project efficiency.